Allergen approved personal care items…

Eliminating all dairy is very important, when having allergies. I spent my day shopping at Whole Foods, reading labels for my son. On my phone, is my dairy allergy ingredient list, I use it, as I go through every single word on the labels. I found some personal care items for him, that don’t have any dairy in them. Honestly, even being at Whole foods, there wasn’t much of a selection, once reading the labels throughly. Even items claiming to be dairy free or vegan, wound up having an allergy ingredient listed. Very disappointing and frustrating! There was only ONE brand (Babo Botanicals) that seems to be completely dairy free, for baby’s shampoo and wash, as well as a body lotion. I also purchased Tom’s children’s mouthwash and children’s toothpaste. I was able to find some hand soaps for the house, as well as laundry detergent, that is allergen safe. Thankfully, there are things out there, you just have to really search carefully. Hopefully, all these items work out well. Happy shopping…

Best regards, Mamma Bear


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