Mmmm chocolate ( I said that out loud, like in Frozen) lol! I was doing some more research and found this allergen free chocolate company . It’s called No Cow Chocolate. I read a bit about it and the founder is allergic to dairy. So, the whole company was built for people with food allergies (specifically listed below on their website).

-Dairy Free  -Gluten Free  -Soy Free  -Nut Free  -Tree Nut Free

-Whey Free   -Casein Free   -Lactose Free    -Corn Free  -Egg Free

-Shell Fish Free  -Fish Free

Personally, I’ve made chocolates. I prefer to make anything I can from scratch, especially when it comes to my child having food allergies. It’s just nice to see a chocolate company, catered for people with food allergies. It’s comforting too, as a mamma, knowing there are more options out there for my child. The website made me feel like a Fannie May shop, or something like that, but dairy free! So I got excited! My sons cousin (they are two, super cute peas in a pod), has food allergies as well, so I can’t wait to order them some candy! What kid doesn’t want candy?! I still have to look into it more, but I couln’t wait to share this. The link for their website is below. Check it out! I know I will be :)…

Best regards, Mamma Bear




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