ALLERGY ALERT! Kid friendly bath color tabs, not so kid friendly!

ALLERY ALERT! Color My Bath H2o La La Color Changing Bath Tablets- CONTAIN DAIRY!

It’s bath time tonight for my little one. He loves taking baths, as most kids do. Before I knew it, he started to break out on his face. That is one of the signs, when he comes into contact with dairy.  He was smart enough to ask me, if the bath color tabs had dairy in them. Naturally, I got a little worried, as they were a gift and one thing in the house I hadn’t called the company about. Immediately, I got him out of the tub and was freaking out. I pulled up the products website, to find out there is lactose in the tablets! I told him he was right and I was sorry, we had to throw them away. He was crying, he loved the color tabs. I felt so guilty, like I hadn’t done my job. The container was misleading, labeling kid safe, no additives, blah blah blah. Why would anyone make something for children, claiming how safe and kid approved it is, yet it contains something a lot of kids have allergens to?!

If you have these bath tabs, please take note if your child has allergies. Thankfully, my son is okay and now we know about another product to stay away from. This is why I started blogging, to spread the word. Unfortunately, these things happen and it’s so important to be aware and make others aware…

Best regards, Mamma Bear





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