A little bit about this mamma…

I’m a busy homemaker mamma, to the most amazing little boy. I’m a down to earth spiritual person, who loves many things, such as music, the arts, fashion, creating, animals, coffee by day, wine by night and traveling is a must in life. I like a lot of things, but first and always my family matters most to me. Being a mom is the best gift in the world, my son truly has my whole heart. Through all the business life brings, my son became very allergic to dairy. So, I thought, why not do something that can be even more helpful. Since my mind is non stop and I am always researching food allergies, I thought start blogging it all. I’m helping my child as much as possible, easing my mind and I can help others out there that are going through this. I’ve learned there is so much detail and fine print with food allergies, not everyone is aware of how having a dairy allergy changes so much. Going completely dairy free is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle and a must, when allergic. When it comes to cooking, shopping, baking, anything and everything can be done, just be more cautious, as labels are very misleading. Remember, non dairy is also different, than dairy free. Labels can even say dairy free or vegan and could still be processed in a facility with dairy. You’d be surprised, I know I was. Always triple check the labels, even call the companies to be certain. I’ve learned a lot about food allergies and raising a child allergic to dairy. I will continue to make myself as knowledgeable as possible for my child, so why not pass it all on for other people to help themselves and their children better. This blog will be my how to, every day life at home, to traveling. I will be showing recipes, brands, research, photos, everything I personally can. I’m a mom who truly cares and would do anything for my little boy. I hope you follow my blogs and it gives you some help and comfort. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Thank you much and best regards, to you and your little ones…


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