Lemon coconut cupcakes-Dairy free!

Tonight my son and I baked, lemon-coconut cupcakes! Yummmm! What a treat! Also, something a little different, than the usual chocolate triple chocolate, something or another lol. Anyways, I’ll keep this short, so you can get to baking! Pre-heat your oven to 350° What you’ll need: Cupcake pan, 1 large mixing bowl, 1 medium mixing bowl, measuring… Continue reading Lemon coconut cupcakes-Dairy free!

Sweet vanilla pineapple cake! Dairy free!

My baby loves baking together and he wanted to make another cake tonight, so that’s exactly what we did! We had a fresh pineapple and wanted to try something yummy. So, we made a dairy free, vanilla cake and added in some extra yummy ingredients that we had in the house. Start your over at 350°… Continue reading Sweet vanilla pineapple cake! Dairy free!

Start the grill! Dairy free hot dogs!

My son always loved going for a Portillo’s hot dog and after we discovered his dairy allergy all fast food stopped. I finally found a dairy free hot dog, to try out for him and it’s healthier! I found them at Whole Foods. The brand is APPLEGATE Natural & Organic meats. I purchased THE GREAT ORGANIC UNCURED BEEF HOT… Continue reading Start the grill! Dairy free hot dogs!

Dairy free cinnamon sugar crumb cake!

Baking my baby a yummy, after dinner, dessert tonight. A cinnamon, sugar, buttery, streusel, crumb cake! Mmmmm! The whole house smells so amazing, from it baking in the oven. I personally, have always loved anything with cinnamon and sugar, from snickerdoodles to elephant ears. So, I wanted to make something else my baby could enjoy.… Continue reading Dairy free cinnamon sugar crumb cake!

Allergen approved personal care items…

Eliminating all dairy is very important, when having allergies. I spent my day shopping at Whole Foods, reading labels for my son. On my phone, is my dairy allergy ingredient list, I use it, as I go through every single word on the labels. I found some personal care items for him, that don’t have… Continue reading Allergen approved personal care items…